No-Makeup Makeup Images


“ Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life .” Pablo Picasso

What on earth does “No-Makeup Makeup Images” mean? You ask incredulously.

To Explain…

No-Makeup Makeup: First off, this title sounds…contradictory to say the least. In short, No-Makeup Makeup is a style of emphasizing your natural graces by using the perfect amount of blue mascara, bronzer, or shimmer — whatever the product — to achieve a refined yet artless look.

And….what does this have to do with the above photography?

What gives these images the “No-Makeup Makeup” look is that they aren’t completely formed out of thin air, but they have a foundation of realism. Yet, filters and minor alterations were used to highlight what makes them art. The cotton-candy cumulous in the first picture have a tint of rose which makes them seem vaguely faerie-like, but their outlines are all perfectly “real world”. The magazine’s pages in motion give an emotion of a current occurrence, while still being spotlighted.

Now it’s far easier to see the stories that can emerge from these depictions, with some characteristics made prominent by a tye-dye of edits.