Quarantine Reading, a New Book Release, and a Leaflet of Poetry

Upside Down 5/9/20, by Emma M

My sister swings upside down
On the monkey bars.
After a while, she gets off.
“I like being upside down,”
She says. “I notice things
I don’t notice when I’m
Right side up.” I think,
Perhaps that’s what
We all need to do-
Swing upside down
For just a minute
To see the world differently-
Maybe then we’d realize
How upside down
Our perspectives
Really are.

Book Review by: Gabriel Q. Kinzel
Book Title:
 Counter Culture, by David Platt
Brief Summary: How should believers react to to our rapidly changing culture? What should we do? To be specific, how should true Christians react to the immorality of this age? So many wicked things are considered acceptable, even good. What’s our duty as Christians? How should we serve Christ in an anti-christian age? (The book is mainly directed towards an American audience).
What Tea Fits With This Book?: A specific tea doesn’t come to mind, however, a tea that wakes you up, a strong tea, a tea that leaves an expression on your face after every sip. (OK, not really, but a tea that encourages you to continue reading should do–but coffee would be best).

Counter Culture, by David Platt

Starbucks Breakfast Blend

Book Review by: Emma G
Book: Siege and Storm (The Grisha Book 2), by Leigh Bardugo
Brief Summary: In the second book of the Grisha series, Alina Starkov and the tracker Mal Oretsev have escaped the Darkling’s clutches.  They are hiding in a small town until they can earn enough money to travel to a place where they will never be found, away from the war ravaging Ravka.  But their plans change when they are forced across the True Sea in the hunt for the second amplifier.
What Tea Fits With This Book?: Monsoon Chai Black Tea

Siege and Storm, by Leigh Bardugo

David’s Organic Saigon Chai Tea

Book Review by: Makayla R.
Book: Story Thieves, by James Riley
Brief Summary: Story Thieves is about Owen Connors, a boy who learns his classmate Bethany’s secret:  she is half fictional allowing her to travel into books. He convinces her take him to his favourite story franchise in exchange for keeping her secret. This is a read you can recommend to younger siblings (age 10-13).
What Tea Fits With This Book?: Chai Tea

Story Thieves, by James Riley

David’s Chai Tea

And on another note, here is the newest Hunger Games release readers have been waiting for in suspense: a fresh addition to the series from the infamous Coriolanus Snow’s point-of-view. Enjoy this with a cup of chilled mint tea (best to get the sprigs from the garden).