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In the Nadelberg Bookshop with Tea

The scent of newly-bound tomes in an undisclosed bookshop brings about a sense of belonging, yet also compulsive mystery. Bookshops are places you go as dusk descends, when you’ve lost your way in the Roman-made streets, and stumble upon them by coincidence, or fate. Bookshops are places you go to listen to music as it […]

No-Makeup Makeup Images

“ Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life .” Pablo Picasso What on earth does “No-Makeup Makeup Images” mean? You ask incredulously. To Explain… No-Makeup Makeup: First off, this title sounds…contradictory to say the least. In short, No-Makeup Makeup is a style of emphasizing your natural graces by using the perfect […]

Upside Down 5/9/20, by Emma M My sister swings upside downOn the monkey bars.After a while, she gets off.“I like being upside down,”She says. “I notice thingsI don’t notice when I’mRight side up.” I think,Perhaps that’s whatWe all need to do-Swing upside downFor just a minuteTo see the world differently-Maybe then we’d realizeHow upside downOur […]

As-Tu Comprends La Nuit?

Think of this as a forbidden painting, hidden away.Think of this as something that makes its way through your head like California tumble-weed.Think of this as dream fabric. If you look up into the expanse at 11:57, you will see darkness.If you look harder, you will see an airliner scratch its way through the stratosphere.If […]

Interrobangs & Anti-Prose

Have a seat on the high-back armchair, pull up your knees, and uncap a can of San Pellegrino . Wait till it fizzles. Now let’s begin. “Interrobang,” What a curious word, you think: exhilarating on the tongue, a tinge of aurora borealis, nostalgic of building sandcastles. Allow me to enlighten you. This remarkable word  is […]